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About us

Commercial Real Estate Development

At TaLa we are a great fan of a down-to-earth approach, keeping things simple, clear and managable for our potential customers and long term tenants.

We invest in developing logistic real estate from the ground up. 

As a specialist in commercial real estate, we have built a reputation for ourselves primarily through our Logistic and light industrial projects.  We strive for an open dialogue with our current as well as prospective clients, and adapt to the challenges of the market. The driving force behind our activities is a keen desire to realise projects that are tailored to our clients in terms of use, quality, costs and time. This can be achieved thanks to the expert advice we provide during the development, planning and construction phases of a project and our close cooperation with regional contractors.

Our expertise​
  • Procurement and securing property
  • Legal coordination with cities and municipalities
  • Rental and leasing
  • Support for development plans and regional planning procedures
  • Submitting building applications, obtaining building permits
  • Realisation of turnkey construction projects

Patrick Tammes

"Don't make a promise you can't keep and do what you have promised."

Your project in the best hands

From 1998 - 2003 I was an independent entrepreneur in the finishing industry for various national companies such as: Bakker Bart, Humphrey's Restaurants, Texaco Gas Stations, Van Lanschot Bankiers.

In 2003 I followed my heart and made the switch to my father-in-law's real estate company. Starting from the basics with serving the tenant's interests in the field of facility management, expanded to further acquisition and expansion of the existing portfolio, followed by the development and realization of new business premises. The latter tasted like more, whereby the creation of new business accommodation in consultation with existing and new tenants gave me the most satisfaction.

In 2018 it was time to take the logical next step and to do this at my own risk and expense. It is mainly in the details that make our profession so fun and challenging.What is an ordinary outside tap in a loading dock for one person, it's the cherry on the cake for us.

Dave Lam


" Keeping things simple is keeping things managable"

From parts to buildings

Since 1991 I have been in the forkliftparts business with my own wholesale business Van Gent Forkliftparts (NL) Intella Liftparts (USA) which i both sold in 2021. At the same time we have had the webshop for big endusers which is still in our hands. We were and are one of the last competitors in this market as we always have done business a little bit unusual...We always kept our word or did not promise it to the customer at all. This no nonsense approach is something we feel makes the difference and if thats something you like, we can be the perfect match for your new facility.

In my time as forkliftparts specialist we always have build our own warehouses under our own supervision so Real Estate has never been new to me. We have build warehouses in Europe and even the USA, so  facing different challenges has never been any issue either. 

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